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For those looking for someone to play of a similar level, here's a list of members who are keen for a game. Just log in, grab their contact details from the directory and get in touch. Please note that there is about a grade's difference between men and women of a similar playing level so a D1 man is at a similar level to a C1 lady.

If you'd like to add your name to this list, just email the club here.


C2 - Anil Varma

C1/C2 - Layne Shepherd 

D1 - Neil Forster (8am or 9am weekends)

DE1/D2 - Steve Thompson

D1 - Darren Yoakley

E1 - Dries de Jager


C1 - Julie Bennett

C2 - Justine Gold

E2 - Vicky Hendriks 

E2 - Rhonda Martin

D1 - Sonia Tate 


J5 - Michael Stembridge


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